Student Employment

The Career Services department is a resource for students and alumni seeking employment but also for prospective employers seeking talented, skilled individuals for open positions. On this page, read about the various ways you can hire a student or alumnus and how to submit your request. You can also download a student worker or intern request form.

Requests for Student Interns and Work

The Career Services department at Brooks Institute welcomes requests from individuals and businesses for student interns to work on your projects. Below are some of the primary ways you can request students to work for you:

Companies or individuals seeking an Intern must offer students a challenging and professionally rewarding experience under a qualified mentor/supervisor. Brooks Institute does not have a requirement for compensation, and the internship may be completed for no credit or for academic credit. Internships for academic credit must meet Brooks Institute’s academic requirements, as follows:

  • Internships for 3 credit hours must be a minimum of 135 hours of supervised work over the 15-week semester. Internships for 6 credit hours must be a minimum of 270 hours of supervised work over the 15-week semester. The sponsoring entity must provide the student intern with all supplies needed for the work to be performed. The student will have a faculty member supervising the internship as well.

Freelance or Part-time Work
Businesses and individuals may contact Brooks Institute students directly to perform freelance or part-time work; however, we also can post opportunities for students to view in the Career Services office or in our online Student Portal. When submitting a freelance or part-time job opportunity, be sure to include:

  • The rate you expect to pay;
  • Your contact information;
  • A detailed job description or terms of work; and
  • Any relevant dates and deadlines.

The hiring organization or individual is responsible for interviewing students, reviewing sample of their work, negotiating terms and payment, and making the final selection decision.

Pro Bono Work
Legally recognized non-profit organizations may submit a posting containing contact information, relevant dates and a detailed description of the work involved. Other business entities are not eligible to hire students on a pro bono basis but may consider an Internship. Hiring organizations and individuals are responsible for following state employment guidelines. Please be sure to check with a legal professional to ensure you are meeting state employment guidelines prior to hiring a pro bono employee.

A contest is an offer of a prize of monetary or other valuable consideration to the winning entry or entries. To enter a contest, students will submit work according to the sponsor’s guidelines and supplied information. The submitted work will be judged or otherwise selected with the expectation that the prize or prizes will be awarded. Students will retain all rights to their work.

The sponsor of the contest understands that they are requesting student-quality work and must agree to award the prize or prizes even if the work submitted does not meet the sponsor’s expectations. The only exception is if there are not enough entries to correspond to the number of prizes. Brooks Institute does not endorse contests and does not require students to participate in contests.

Please note: Brooks Institute is unable to guarantee a response to your work requests, nor can the school or faculty provide student recommendations or discuss salary. We are also unable to integrate work from outside parties into existing classes or form them into class assignments. Brooks supports students retaining all rights to their work and only promotes opportunities in alliance with this policy.