Brooks Institute Career Services

Your success during and after studying at Brooks Institute is important to us. We provide comprehensive Career Services assistance to students and alumni to help you complete your educational goals and reach your career objectives. Browse the services below to learn more about how Career Services can help you.

Resume Writing and Interview Skills

Don’t underestimate the benefits of a well-prepared resume and solid interview skills. Career Services helps through one-on-one assistance and mock interviews so you can prepare to shine in front of prospective employers.


Getting your degree isn’t always enough to find the best job. Whether you’re pursuing a Film, Professional Photography, Graphic Design or Visual Journalism degree, you’ll face competition and challenges. One way to gain competitive advantage is to intern while you’re still in school. A Brooks Institute Career Services representative can help you find an internship by offering internship information, search assistance and internship leads to help you gain the hands-on experience you need to build professional connections and enhance your resume.

Senior Seminar

In preparation for the Graduation Review Panel, all students must successfully complete the Senior Seminar. This is a pass/fail seminar designed to prepare you for your Graduation Review and your post-graduation job search. Offered every academic semester, the seminar gives you an opportunity to prepare promotional materials while developing the skills and strategies to help you find employment after graduation.

Graduation Review

Graduation Review (“Grad Review”) is a requirement for graduation and is held during the bachelor’s programs capstone course. The Grad Review is much like an interview/portfolio review in which faculty, outside professionals and Career Services staff assess your work, resume and ability to find employment in your chosen career field after graduation.

Part-time Employment

Some students choose to work part-time while completing their degree program, and the Career Services office can help you find part-time job leads. Each week, we list available part-time job openings in our office or on the student portal online.

Graduate Employment

As you near the end of your studies at Brooks Institute, be sure to stop by Career Services for assistance finding employment upon graduation. We help you by sourcing job leads and providing information on full-time, part-time and freelance employment opportunities that are associated with your specific field of study and areas of interest.

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