Brooks Institute Creative Kickstart: A Video Series with Chris Orwig

Creativity and technique are equally as important, says Chris Orwig, Professional Photography faculty at Brooks Institute. We can always use a bit of a creative boost, so Chris often starts off his classes with what he call a creative kickstart – something to get those creative juices flowing.

On this page, we’ll share with you a selection of Chris’ ideas on how to feed your creativity in various ways, not just as it relates to being a photographer. Sometimes they’ll include an anecdote or concept or idea. Often they’ll raise a few questions to ring up some discussion. And they all finish with an action step – something you can do to integrate this concept into your own life.

In the latest episode of Creative Kickstart, Chris shares how making a focused choice of what types of photographs you want to capture ahead of time can result in more interesting and compelling images.

In episode 5 of Creative Kickstart, Chris shares ideas on how to stay in tune with your creativity so you can increase your creative output:

In episode 4 of Creative Kickstart, Chris encourages photographers to embrace the childlike creativity they once had and let go of the fear of making mistakes:

In the third episode of Creative Kickstart, Chris explains how to think outside of the box by acting outside of the box:

In the second episode of Creative Kickstart, Chris shares a surprising answer to the question of how you can make more interesting photographs and offers a simple exercise for getting started:

In Creative Kickstart #1, Chris discusses how to create work that’s more meaningful to others by making it more meaningful to yourself.

Besides teaching courses including Marketing and Media, Creative Digital Imaging, Digital Asset Management and Celebrity Portraiture in the Professional Photography program at Brooks Institute, Chris Orwig is a best-selling author on topics including creativity, Photoshop, Lightroom and visual thinking. He also regularly creates and conducts courses on these topics for