5 Reasons You Need A Photography Blog

October 11, 2013

Start A Photography BlogA photography blog can be a great tool, whether you’re an aspiring professional photographer or just a hobbyist. Here are five great reasons why you should start blogging:

The best way to improve your photography skills is to just get out there and shoot-often. Your blog will motivate you to do just that. You’ll feel compelled to post new pictures to keep your readers engaged (even if at first those readers are just your mom and dad). And because you’ll never want to post subpar pictures, it will light a fire under you to constantly stay on the top of your craft.

Blogs help you network with other photographers. You can link your photos back and forth between your blogs, offer advice, and keep each other informed about the latest news and trends. You can even find local photographers in your area and meet up for coffee and a chat. Photography is a social endeavor; enjoy the perks of meeting people who can help advance your photography career.

Blogs provide the unique opportunity to track your progress. Just by browsing through the archives of your blog, you’ll be able see your growth as a photographer. This can help keep you on track as you continue to improve your skills. After all, if you’ve come so far in just a few short months, think of how much more you can improve in the future.

When you start a photography blog, expect to receive plenty of feedback on the pictures you post. Don’t be afraid to read the comments people leave. In fact, learn to embrace them. No, not every comment will be glowing or provide constructive criticism. However, you’ll find that plenty of other photographers will provide honest critiques that can help you improve your skills.

Blogs provide a unique opportunity to offer exposure at practically no cost. If you regularly produce quality work that people enjoy, friends will recommend your site to their friends. They’ll like your pictures on Facebook. They’ll pin them on Pinterest. If you plan to go pro in the future, blogging will help you develop your brand. You’ll also develop genuine relationships with people who might use your professional services in the future.

Starting a photography blog will help you achieve your photography goals, whether you start out as a newbie or as a pro. Blogging doesn’t take much time or money, but it can drastically change your life as a photographer.

Photo source: Flickr