Putting Your Pinterest Addiction to Good Use as a Photography Student

June 28, 2013

Pinterest Photography TipsYou are addicted to Pinterest. It’s OK, because you’re not alone. There are many people at this very moment trying to figure out how to leverage Pinterest for their career, education or life in general. By using Pinterest strategically, you can justify the hours you spend pinning on your phone or laptop.

So, how can you start leveraging your Pinterest boards? Start simple.

Don’t be overly promotional with hundreds of boards showcasing your work, but do highlight some of your collections. Also use Pinterest to show off what inspires you, to tag your favorite tips and to display some artists you admire.

Also, make sure you create a profile. Show other users who you are and what you stand for. While your boards and interests may speak for themselves, it doesn’t hurt to put your voice into it as much as you can.

While Pinterest isn’t quite as interactive as Facebook, there are still opportunities for you to make valuable connections. Tag pins from other photographers, follow their boards and support their work. This may help get your name out in the photography community while also providing you with inspiration whenever you need it.

Though it may be much easier to pin the work of others, it’s vital that you take time to create your own pins using your photography. Include your photos, tips about the cameras you use, and anything else that provides value to your Pinterest followers.

Be sure to use a mixture of media choices. While you pin photographs of your work, you may also share videos, articles and helpful photography blogs.

Scared to upload your original photography? There are some things you should know. By uploading your images, you’re not giving up ownership of your photos. You are giving Pinterest license to use it in a variety of ways. Check out the terms of agreement before you upload any of your photography to ensure it’s something you’re comfortable doing.

Need some Pinsperation to get you started? Check out some of the successful photography boards we’ve found and let them be your guide as you take your photography to social media:

Start carving your own path through Pinterest. If used properly, this social media channel may be a great outlet for photography students.