Brooks Institute to Consolidate Santa Barbara Campuses into Ventura Location

June 18, 2013

The Consolidated Ventura Campus
The single, consolidated Ventura Campus will allow cross-disciplinary learning through shared course work between film, photography, visual journalism and graphic design by having all disciplines at a single location.

The Ventura campus includes space for our film, photography, visual journalism and graphic design programs to all work together and thrive. Students from every program will be able to use the multiple sound stages, the screening room and the movie back lot set, along with editing and post-production studios. With planned improvements, the Ventura campus will include ample classroom space, a large equipment cage for students to borrow all sorts of industry-current cameras, lights and other professional gear, and a consolidated library that will provide students with more services and a broader collection of media materials. The closer proximity to Los Angeles will also benefit students attending lecture series and other industry events.

The Phased Move
The move is scheduled to take place in phases, with Brooks Institute staff, faculty and students in Santa Barbara moving from the Mason Street campus to the Cota Street campus in December 2013 and January 2014, during winter break. The final move to the Ventura campus is not expected to occur before 2015. Current students in Santa Barbara will work with the Academic Advising and Academic departments to ensure their needs are met until graduation.

“The industry has changed dramatically in the last few years, with graduates needing multi-media skills,” said Susan Kirkman, Brooks Institute campus president. “By providing cross-platform opportunities in one location, we can enhance our offerings to students. Maintaining Brooks Institute’s reputation for high-quality, industry-relevant education was paramount in making this decision.”