Callaway Gable photography guest lecture

July 24, 2012

From Katie Huber, Director of Career Services

On Tuesday July 24th, acclaimed Los Angeles photographers, Brian and Allison Callaway from Callaway Gable, visited the Mason campus for a brief presentation and internship interviews. They showcased their “new-fashioned” style of wedding photography and gave great photography, lighting, business, and marketing tips to the students. Brooks Alumni, Lauren Belknap, previously started as an intern and has progressed to a full-time employee: assisting with weddings, traveling, and even shooting an image that appeared on the cover of US Weekly magazine. They were so pleased with Lauren’s work they came back to Brooks in search of new talent to hire as interns and future employees. The feedback from all in attendance was overwhelmingly positive and Brian and Allison were very impressed with the students they interviewed.