Holiday Photo Cards: How to Take the Best Shots

January 21, 2014

Holiday Photo Cards: How to Take the Best ShotsHoliday photo cards are a popular way to share the festive spirit with family and friends. Rather than sending a generic greeting card, this is a more intimate way to send holiday cheer. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you to capture the best holiday photos for the perfect holiday greeting cards.

Set Up Your Location

It works best if the style of the card is selected first. This allows you to shoot photos that are oriented to the layout of the card. The next step is to choose a location for the photos to be taken that will provide a textured backdrop with minimal distractions so the focus will be on the people in the photo. If a color scheme for the photos has been chosen, the background should offer pleasing color contrasts to coordinate with the attire of the people in the photos. Any furniture that will be used in the photos should be organized beforehand and debris should be swept away.

Arrange Your Photo Subjects

When choosing an outfit for each family member, avoid busy prints and patterns or all white. The outfits should be coordinated, but not exactly the same. Everyone should be comfortable and relaxed, with the larger people towards the back and the children at the front. It’s ideal to have people arranged at various levels in comfortable stances with hands folded or behind the body. To avoid the look of extra weight, lower bodies should be turned to the side and upper bodies rotated slightly towards the camera. If the camera lens is at eye level or slightly above, and chins are tipped out, this will help to avoid the look of a double chin.

Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

If possible, photos should be taken in natural light with the sun behind the photographer. Multiple shots should be taken from various angles in quick succession. The best photos take place when the light from the sun creates a warm, dramatic glow, bathing the subject in soft light. Red eye can be avoided by having the subjects look into a light source to cause the pupils of the eyes to shrink.

Sort, Edit and Pick Your Favorite

After multiple shots have been taken, the photos can be sorted through and then edited to add warm tones, create textured frames and even add a touch of color to the cheeks of the photo’s subjects. The best photos are the least posed and most natural.

By applying these tips, you can capture just the right photo for this year’s holiday card.

Image source: Stock.xchng.