December 2013

  • Blog Inspiration: 5 Sites That Will Inspire You

    December 21, 2013

    As a designer, you should take blog inspiration from a variety of influences, both design-related and non-design related.

  • 5 Common Photoshop Mistakes and How To Correct Them

    December 21, 2013

    Think you know Adobe Photoshop? Both pros and those new to the software can improve their skills by watching out for common mistakes that can slow you down, interrupt your work flow and impede your creativity.

  • Famous Fonts You Need to Forget

    December 20, 2013

    One particular sticking point for design veterans is the overuse of famous fonts that come standard with software releases and are so widely used that the value they once may have had has been lost.

  • Why You Should Write a Spec Script For Television

    December 19, 2013

    Most young writers have a feature film spec script tucked away in their portfolio. Writing "on spec," which means writing something in your own time in the hope of selling it to a studio, is one way screenwriters break into the industry.

  • Photography Work Experience: Is Shooting For Free Worth It?

    December 19, 2013

    When establishing yourself as a photographer, it's tempting to shoot for free to gain valuable real world photography work experience and get your name out there.

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