Overused Fonts in Graphic Design

December 10, 2013 General, Graphic Design

Overused Fonts in Graphic Whether someone is doing a business presentation or creating copy for a website, they quickly learn small things can cause big problems. A tiny mistake can draw the audience’s attention and make the source appear less credible and authoritative. But mistakes don’t have to be actual errors. A mistake can be as simple as using a distractive element, such as an overused font. 

Using a cliché font can have a huge influence on graphic design. An effective design is meant to convey a message, but if a reader pays more attention to the font rather than the actual meaning of the words, the message is lost. The design becomes ineffective as well as the words.

Here are some specific examples of how overused fonts are viewed in the online community:

  • There’s a website called Comic Sans Criminal that’s dedicated to “helping people like you learn to use Comic Sans appropriately.”
  • Papyrus Watch “sets out to document and expose the overuse of the Papyrus font” by posting user-submitted photos of designs seen in the real world.
  • Trajan font is so often used on film posters that it’s now known as “the movie font.”

Overused fonts can make a design look unprofessional or outdated. Another problem is that they can make different designs look too similar. For example, the last thing a car company wants is to use a font that reminds the customer of other car brands.

If you’re not sure what font to use, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can also research the best types of fonts in the graphic design world today.