How Your Favorite Films and Filmmakers Can Influence Your Work

December 6, 2013 Film, General

How Your Favorite Films and Filmmakers Can Influence Your Work

What is it that we love about the movies? Is it purely escapism? Or is it possibly that we realize in our favorite characters and films a model for achieving the seemingly impossible? Here are three filmmakers and the hidden lessons you can learn from their films.

Stanley Kubrick

Although Kubrick’s films may not be for all tastes, there’s no denying the singularity of his style. It’s this singularity of vision that is most inspiring about his films. Here was a filmmaker who was consistently fearless in his vision and execution, unflinching, yet always interesting. His films are intense portraits of characters – their motivations, their loves and hates, their inner secrets. The totality of a Kubrick film experience allows the viewer to walk away with a feeling of having explored these characters personally.

Good communication in the workplace involves an understanding of people. You must earn trust this way – through empathy – if you can ever hope to break through the barriers that separate your ideas from their acceptance and fruition.

Watch the films of Stanley Kubrick to understand flaws that result from just being human.

Federico Fellini

Fellini’s 8 1/2 is one of the most visually stunning films ever made. It’s the story of a director trying to make a film about his life, despite the fact that everyone he knows is trying to impose his or her view of how it should be done. A mundane topic, yet the story is told in such a singular way that it doesn’t matter. By turns funny, warm, cynical, surrealistic, but ultimately upbeat, 8 1/2 serves as a model for anyone looking to realize a personal goal. If you have creativity, vision, and determination, that’s all that matters. Sometimes it just helps to have a sense of humor.

Steven Spielberg

Change is often necessary to avoid stagnation in the workplace. However, when things change rapidly, it can seem like a sink or swim situation. Change can be rewarding, if you let yourself go and embrace it as it comes.

Take a lesson from Indiana Jones. The perfect action hero, there’s no situation he can’t get himself out of by using ingenuity, guts, wit, or a combination of all three.

When changes in the workplace come at you hard and strong, go ahead and dive in. Human beings are resilient creatures. Be confident in your ability to roll with it.