Creative Photography: 6 New Ways to Photograph Winter

December 17, 2013 General, Photography

Creative Photography: 6 New Ways to Photograph WinterAs flower gardens and green fields go into hibernation, learning how to photograph changing landscapes poses several questions. Are your go-to shooting spots covered in snow? Do barren trees and browning grass fill the frame? How can you make such stark nature scenes look alive? Challenge yourself to see winter landscapes with a fresh set of eyes this season. Here’s how!

1. Post-processing Filters: If you already spent time outside capturing the chill of winter, turn to Adobe Photoshop for some creative photography inspiration. Post-processing your images with creative filters can add an artistic flair to boring subjects. Experiment with the Sketch filter to create a charcoal drawing style or use the Stylize filter to Solarize the image and give it an eerie glow.

2. Lens Choice: When the scenery is less than spectacular, use a specialty lens to add visual interest. Try photographing a narrow frozen creek bed with a 14mm fisheye lens for a warped view of the waterway. Or, use your longest telephoto zoom to capture the intricate detail of frost on a plant or the icy pattern of condensation on a window pane.

3. Remove Color: If the scene lacks much color, remove it. After shooting, use a photo editing program to convert the images to a warm sepia brown tone or go for a contrasting black and white style. Then use the Levels feature in Adobe Photoshop to brighten the midtones, darken the shadows and brighten the highlights. Adding extra contrast makes the image appear brighter overall.

4. Uncommon Vantage Points: Try lying on the ground on your back and looking into evergreen trees filled with snow. Or climb to the top of a hill and photograph the landscape from above showing the blanket of white over the area.

5. Long Exposures: Grab a tripod and complete your creative photography assignment on a winter evening. Use a long exposure to brighten a night scene, creating a brilliant contrast between the black evening sky and snow-covered trees.

6. Use the Sun: Add life to winter landscapes by including sunbeams and sunspots purposely in the images. A forest scene with sunlight streaming through the barren branches looks enchanting. Or, leave the lens hood in the car and let a trail of colorful sun spots add a bright, artistic effect to a winter landscape.

How do you like to tackle creative photography assignments in the winter or during extremely cold weather? Please share your tips in the comments section below.

Photo credit: Stock.xchng