Incorporating Photography Into Your Graphic Design

August 29, 2013

Using Photography In Graphic DesignCan you mix mediums?

That might be a question you’re asking yourself as you start your Graphic Design projects for your courses. Especially as technology continues to develop, you may find it difficult to combine older techniques – such as photography – with modern programs and the skills you are learning in your degree program.

However, we think you can draw inspiration from and incorporate Photography into your designs. Read these examples and tips to discover what you can do with your designs today:

Michelle Smith, a graphic designer, combines her photography interests with her design skills to create one-of-a-kind products.

She was inspired when she couldn’t find the pillows and tea towels she wanted for her home. “I just created them for myself with my own artwork,” Smith says. Her items have become incredibly popular across the country – and even overseas.

Smith takes elements from her photography and uses them to develop patterns that can then be used for creating pillows, tea towels, paper products, apparel and fabric. She believes this allows her to combine “the old with the new.” Her design techniques encourage a union between photography and graphic design unlike any other products currently available online.

If you are incorporating digital photography into your designs, there are many things you can do with the images to enhance your design and manipulate the image. For example, graphic designers can now generate 3D models using a collection of photographs. You can also use retouching and other enhanced effects to create flawless images.

Production and Planning Director of ZOO Media Group Chris Dugas says, “A digitally enhanced photograph can do more than capture a simple moment in time. It can create a bold new world of expression, challenge traditional belief systems and push the limits of our collective imaginations.” Read how you can do that using this tips for incorporating photographs into your Graphic Design projects:

You can also use photography for general inspiration. Browse museum collections, magazines and the Internet for photographs. You can collect ones that inspire you, along with color templates and phrases, onto a mood board.

At Brooks, you have the flexibility to take additional courses outside of your major. Consider talking to your advisor about adding a Photography course to your next semester. Learning traditional photography techniques can improve your Graphic Design skills and inspire you.