5 Unique Opportunities In Graphic Design

August 27, 2013

Graphic Design OpportunitiesGraphic designers are most often associated with advertisement agencies or design studios. However, not all Graphic Design students are interested in creating brands and designing logos.

Luckily, there is a niche for everyone in Graphic Design.

Learn about these five unique opportunities that allow graphic designers to explore their interests outside of advertisement:

Animators and illustrators are the individuals who create graphics for print or digital media. The primary difference between the two occupations is that animators create graphics that move whereas illustrators’ graphics are static. Illustrators may draw their work by hand or use a computer to generate images.

Animators may work with Web sites, TV networks or media companies to create introductions, menus and more.

Illustrators may work with technical illustration companies for textbooks, publishing houses or packaging companies.

If you are interested in animation or illustration, check out these classes:

Cartographers are responsible for making maps. They may be asked to create print maps for city parks or tourist attractions, such as amusement parks, museums or even public transportation systems.

However, print maps are not as popular as they used to be. Therefore, cartographers today may create digital maps for Web sites or mobile applications.

If you are interested in cartography, check out these classes:

A flash designer works exclusively with Flash design software to create introductions to Web sites. These designers must have a thorough knowledge of how Web sites are structured and of how Flash works. Flash designers may also be experienced in Web Design and Development.

A flash designer may work with organizations that create Flash graphics or they may work in Web page design.

If you are interested in flash design, check out these classes:

Layout artists, also known as desktop publishers, work with bodies of text and images. It is their job to make sure that the text and the image work together to convey a specific message.

Layout artists may work in any environment that focuses on print media. This may include magazines, newspapers and publishing houses. Layout artists may also be asked to work on digital publications, such as eBooks.

If you are interested in desktop publishing, check out these classes:

User experience designers (or UX designers) are primarily concerned with creating a consistent, enjoyable user experience for Internet or digital media users.  UX designers may outline, sketch and wireframe the basic experience for users. Their work may also be concerned with research, usability and A/B split testing.

UX designers are typically concerned with the entire project; they may be responsible for taking a project in its initial stages through the construction and revision phase to completion. This is known as low fidelity design.

They may work specifically with Web sites such as eCommerce sites. Depending on the company they work for, they may also work on large web or software projects.

If you are interested in UX design, check out these classes:

Graphic designers do exist outside of advertisement. If you were unsure about enrolling in a Graphic Design program because you were not interested in design advertisements, reconsider your options and talk to an advisor at Brooks Institute today.