3 Questions To Ask About Audience When Designing A Graphic

August 22, 2013

Questions For Your AudienceMost Graphic Design professionals are doing it wrong – but you can do it right.

At least that’s what Preston D. Lee argues in his article “A Freelance Designer’s Target Audience: How Do You Find It?” Lee is a graphic designer and founder of the entrepreneurial website Graphic Design Blender. His interviews with other designers have led to a startling realization: most designers do not target their audiences, they simply design for “anyone who needs logo design.”

Lee believes that only by defining your audience can you find the right work for you. Consider these tips from Lee and from freelance designer Kendra Gaines for developing your target audience. Learn how to design a graphic for a specific audience today:

Before thinking about your audience, Lee believes that you need to define your niche. He recommends students “take a step back and evaluate what you’re really good at.” This can allow you to focus on develop a skillset specific to your personal interests and goals. Try to get as specific as possible. If you specialize in designing logos, you could narrow it down to types of companies or even regions.

As a student, you are required to take a variety of Graphic Design classes. But, if you already know what your niche is, you can take the tools and skills you learn in your classes and apply them directly to your niche.

After you’ve defined your niche, start thinking about your target audience. You can begin by researching demographics to focus on age group, income levels and geographic location.

But it isn’t all about the demographic. In Graphic Design, your graphics can appeal to different consumers based on their personal interests or hobbies. So, you’ll want to ask yourself:

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Think about what would catch your eye if you were this individual. What colors, pictures or designs would you respond to?

After defining your niche and your audience, Gaines recommends focusing on design basics. Think about the fundamentals of design, including color use and typography. Focus on visual hierarchy.

Try to decide what fundamental choices best support your niche and your audience. It is important that each aspect of your graphic reaches out to your audience – the final product should be united by its branding and its appeal to the audience.

If you already have a Graphic Design portfolio, it can be helpful to review your pieces and see what they have in common. Do any of them apply to the audience you are currently working with? What makes them enticing?

Remember that your audience can change, depending on whom you are working for and what types of graphics you are constructing. Talk to your Graphic Design instructors for more tips on how they consider their audience when designing graphics.