Alumni Community Awareness Scholarship Winners

August 3, 2012

From Katie Huber, Director of Career Services

Evelyn Cervantes: Congratulations to Visual Journalism student Evelyn Cervantes, who was awarded the Alumni Association’s Community Awareness Scholarship. This was work she did with Reckoning, a community development program that works with low-income, at-risk youth in Ventura and several other parts of the world. Their mission is to steer children in 4th-6th grade against the gang/drug influences by involving them in an after school program that emphasizes character development through different activities such as art, photography and journalism. Evelyn has been working with these low-income, at-risk youth in Ventura since 2011 and documenting their program, teaching and helping them produce their own newspaper.

Morgan Chidsey: Professional Photography student, Morgan Chidsey, was also awarded the Alumni Association’s Community Awareness Scholarship. She worked with a start-up company called Intrinsic, whose sole purpose is to empower communities in Africa to rise above poverty through art. Intrinsic sells products like shirts, laptop cases, and bracelets that are designed by artists in Africa, allowing them to earn fair wages and live a comfortable life. As a photography intern, Morgan used her unique style to help publicize their work by starting a branding identity and creating a look book for the company to give to vendors and post on their website. For the six months she spent with Intrinsic, she felt excited and honored to be promoting a beautiful product that helps people live a proud life.

Nicole Hart: The third Alumni Association’s Community Awareness Scholarship was awarded to Professional Photography student, Nicole Hart. She has had a long and dedicated history with non-profits, starting her first in 2008 for fellow military widows called The American Widow Project. Today, this organization supports over 1,000 widows; providing a support system and opportunities to participate in adventurous getaways. Her philanthropy has continued here at Brooks, where she co-founded Santa Barbara Global Team Research. SBGTR promotes trade, education, alliance and marketing for global minded scholars. In addition, Nicole created a documentary, In the Wrong Body, about the struggles of the transgender community. She hopes to build on this project in the future by creating a non-profit that awards scholarships toward the education of transgender youth who want to make a difference in the LGBT community.