Three Camera Cleaning Tools to Keep in Your Bag

April 2, 2014

Three Camera Cleaning Tools to Keep in Your BagIf you’re a professional photographer, or training to be one, you know how important it is to be prepared with your camera at all times. But that preparation should also extend to the camera care. You’re not going to capture an award-winning moment if your camera lens is glistening with greasy fingerprints from last night’s french fries. That’s why you should keep camera cleaning tools in your camera bag for quick fixes before taking a shot. Here are some of the tools that you should keep on hand.

Microfiber Cloths

If you own a pair of eyeglasses and clean them frequently, you may already know the magic of microfiber cloths. These super-soft, palm-size cloths won’t scratch or damage the protective coating on your camera lens. Use microfiber cloths to buff away moist smudges on your camera lens, such as raindrops, saliva or those greasy fingerprints. Use a circular motion and gentle pressure to lift the moisture.

Lens Cleaning Fluid and Tissues

If your lens harbors dried-on dust and dirt, add moisture to the cleaning equation. Quick-drying camera lens cleaning fluid (it’s not just water) and disposable tissues are the go-to cleaning tools for professional photographers. Start by spraying or squeezing the lens-cleaning fluid onto a tissue. Never apply the cleanser directly to the camera lens – it may seep into the lens and cause a buildup of moisture, which leads to rust, mildew and condensation. Wipe the moistened tissue over the lens in a circular motion to remove the dirt. Finish with a dry tissue to remove any streaks.

Blower Brushes

Sometimes, something will drop onto your lens and you don’t want to put your finger on the glass to remove the particle. Whether it’s a hair, pollen from a flower or a small piece of lint, removing it is the best way to keep your pictures sharp. A blower brush works quickly and efficiently. Squeeze the small, rubber bulb end of the camera cleaning tool to force air through the bristles of the brush tip. As the air is expelled, use the brush to remove the debris and leave your lens clean.

Do you have a favorite camera lens cleaning tool tucked away in your camera bag? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Photo credit: Flickr