Graphic Design Tools for Creating Infographics

April 29, 2014

Graphic Design Tools for Creating InfographicsInfographics are one of the hottest trends of 2014. It isn’t just big brands using them: Infographics are popping up in everything from newspapers and magazines to corporate communications and sales pitches. Creating infographics helps get your message across clearly and succinctly because of the visual way in which they c
onvey information. Dynamic data visualization is an effective way for consumers to quickly grasp a lot of information through images.

Turning complicated data into attractive and reader-friendly infographics can often be a challenge for graphic designers. Ensuring your design is being clearly communicated to the right audience is one of the key tenets of good graphic design practice. Here are three free tools for creating infographics that will save you time and result in effective and design-led data visualization.

Google Developers

Google Developers Infographics tool allows you to pick from a huge variety of charts and then customize them to fit in with your design. Rather than spending a lot of time in Photoshop, these free interactive chart templates are very easy to use and are particularly useful when deadlines are tight. If you need to display live data on a website, Google Developers is a great tool, as it connects to your data in real time with cross-browser compatibility. Be aware that Google has moved the infographics tool into deprecation, meaning it will likely be superseded by another Google Developers tool some time in the future. is a free portal that offers customizable templates with a library of icons such as shapes, arrows and lines. You can also upload graphics you have designed and position them to make your own unique design. Because of this, is particularly helpful for designers who do not want to compromise on good design principles for the sake of ease.

Another free tool that allows you to create interactive infographics by making charts, graphs and clearly designed maps is When you have added in your own statistics, the infographics can be embedded into your own website and shared across social media. The site is also a good way to quickly illustrate complex data. If your data is sensitive, allows you to password-protect your infographic or share it only through a private link.

Whichever tools you choose, infographics can easily be reposted, which will lead people to your website. The more well designed an infographic is, the more likely people are to share the link. Infographics encourage readers to engage with a subject and should be considered whenever you are faced with a complicated subject or a text-heavy document or website. Well-designed infographics are a powerful tool to visually represent detailed information and get complicated messages across quickly and effectively.

Photo credit: Flickr