7 Ways Filmmakers Can Market Themselves With Social Media

April 15, 2013

How to Market Yourself with Social MediaAre you a filmmaker?  Have you wondered about how best to market yourself in an ever-increasing social media landscape? Here are seven easy ways you can market yourself using social media.

1. Focus on Video

Filmmakers need to utilize video-based social media platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.  I prefer YouTube because of the YouTube Partner program, but Vimeo is a more film-oriented avenue.  Being a part of either one, or both, is better than not.

2. Don’t Forget Images

Use images with your posts and tweets.  People don’t care how informative your blog post may be if all they see are words (people are funny that way).  We don’t care if you have the cure for cancer, unless, of course, you have an image of a smiling doctor accompanying your post.  Or better yet, use a video.

3. Bring it Back to Your Website

Always link back to your website.  This is important.  Even though we use our social media platforms to create awareness for our business, it’s still a good idea to link back to your source – namely, your website.  Don’t discount the power of your website, and with that being said, make sure you have a simple design to allow for easy navigation.

4. Promote Local Businesses

Create videos that promote local businesses.  This is important for someone like me who gets most, if not all, of my business locally.  People want to see the businesses they know and love getting some much-needed attention.  The more you support local businesses, the more support you will get in turn.

5. Engage with Your Audience

Post your own videos, for sure, but show others how much you care about what’s going on around you and your business by sharing and posting content from businesses that you follow as well as from your audience.

6. Network with Filmmakers

Network with like-minded filmmakers and even individuals who aren’t in your field but are associated with it, such as marketers, producers and other artists.  Let them know you’re interested in their projects and offer to help them when you can.  You never know when they may return the favor (especially when you need it most).

7. Provide Value

Most importantly of all – post content and videos of value!  Think about what you have that you can offer to your audience and prospective clients.  For filmmakers it’s relatively easy: how-to videos for how to properly light a set, for example, or a step-by-step guide on how to build a DIY camera rig.  There are numerous avenues to explore here, and just because you see something that’s been done before doesn’t mean you don’t have a different or better way of doing it.

Anthony R. W. Lopez earned a bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Production from Brooks Institute in 2007. His video production company, Cross Beyond, LLC, specializes in creating original video content that crosses beyond the ordinary.