Alumni Highlight: Kate Weybret

Kate Weybret

Year Graduated: 2010

Degree Obtained: BA in Professional Photography with a concentration in Digital Imaging

Why did you choose to attend Brooks?
I knew it was the school to go to for an all-around professional experience and that I wouldn’t leave feeling unprepared. Brooks has a great reputation in the professional world.

How did Brooks influence the direction you took as a professional?
Brooks allowed me to experiment in many different fields of photography and design and really discover what I loved and didn’t love about photography. I realized I didn’t want to shoot commercially, but I loved working in Photoshop and other Adobe programs. I decided that this is where my strengths were, so I started looking for retouching jobs as soon as I graduated.

What is your current title and employer?
Digital retoucher and compositor for Portus Imaging

How are you able to use what you learned at Brooks in your everyday responsibilities on the job?
Brooks definitely teaches its students a lot about the importance of deadlines. At Portus, when we are rushing to finish a project, I know how to deliver a product that both meets the deadline and the quality level expected of the company.

What do you do to stay inspired creatively?
I take design classes at Art Center in Pasadena through their night program. It’s a great way to network and expand my knowledge of a creative industry. I also still shoot for myself and submit images to galleries on a regular basis. I still consider myself a photographer even though professionally I’m a retoucher.

What do you consider your biggest professional success since graduation
I was so honored to be working with a company like Portus Imaging just four months out of school. Their list of clients stretches from Nike to Sprite, and I feel that being recognized as good enough to work for the company is a success in itself.

What advice would you give to someone considering attending Brooks?
Keep an open mind. You won’t be happy with every class you take, but you will learn more than you ever expected and fall in love with new areas of photography. I never thought I’d leave Brooks with the skills or desire to composite and retouch but I look forward to going to work every day.

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