Alumni Highlight: Amy Postle

Amy Postle

Raised in a Kansas suburb, alumna Amy Postle first studied painting and drawing at the Kansas City Art Institute before earning a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara in 2001. She and her husband Brian now live in Brooklyn, N.Y., where they moved after she left Brooks to launch her professional career through hard work, frustration, excitement, and finally, success.

“Brooks gave me the technical tools that I needed to make my creative ideas a reality,” Amy says. “It taught me these technical skills so thoroughly that I was able to dive head first into the photography world after graduation with absolute confidence in myself and in my skill. The many amazing instructors also encouraged me to express myself creatively, to try new things, and to go all out with my visions at every opportunity. I am always proud to say I’m a Brookie, and I continue to be grateful for my Brooks experience and education.”

After winning a Women In Photography International photography contest in 2005, Postle was lucky to be sought out by the sponsorship team at Kodak, which got the ball rolling in her career. Since then she has shot numerous campaigns for Kodak and has also been a guest lecturer for the company domestically as well as abroad. She credits the Kodak team and their beautiful films for much of her success. In recent years, she has had the opportunity to work on the testimonial-style advertisements of their motion picture division, shooting a portrait series depicting award-winning cinematographers such as Wally Pfister, an Oscar winner for his work on the movie “Inception.”

Amy has had great commercial success, but she is best known for her work with women. Centered on the theme “real women,” Postle’s photography runs the gamut from portraiture to fashion. She has worked with numerous editorial clients, including Fitness, Outside and Parents magazines. Her beauty clients include Nars Cosmetics and Sephora as well as Woman’s World and First magazines.

“My personal shoe fetish has also led to many great things, including bi-yearly campaigns for Miz Mooz shoes, where I’ve had the pleasure of helping grow the company from a small, local, New York business to a worldwide enterprise,” she says.

In addition, Amy continues to shoot her own personal work, which explores the ideologies of womanhood and the secret lives and fantasies of women. She approaches her subjects as more of a film director than photographer, and she strives to promote self-esteem and a positive body image in women. She has images in the Robin Rice Gallery in New York City and the Daniel Azoulay Gallery in Miami, as well as numerous private collections.

Artist’s Statement

“My work is both literal and fantasy. It is about fashion, beauty, sexuality and strength. It is about the reaction of the waitress, the model, or the housewife when she sees herself as something different. It is about the beauty in every person … the natural beauty that can exist without starvation and conforming to the status quo. It is about feeling comfortable, alive and on fire in your own skin. That is beautiful.”

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