Master of Fine Arts in Photography

The Master of Fine Arts in Photography degree at Brooks Institute is designed to prepare students to make an important contribution to the expanding role of the visual experience in contemporary life. The program explores image-making as a cultural force as well as a mode of personal expression. Students who pursue a Master’s degree in Photography can grow intellectually and creatively through the lively exchange of ideas from diverse sources and wide-ranging perspectives, combining aesthetic exploration in all forms of lens-based and light-based media with academic inquiry through research.

The Master of Fine Arts in Photography offers a rigorous program of study for students eager to explore ideas and technologies in various approaches to creating images that express their personal vision. Working with instructors who are experienced professionals, students can learn to deepen their conceptual communication, expand their artistic comprehension, and articulate a coherent and compelling statement about their work. The 61-credit program includes coursework in art history and criticism; the history, science and psychology of image-making; and communication, business, and education, enabling graduates to pursue a wide range of career options, including teaching at the college level.

Brooks Institute’s MFA in Photography consists of a two-year series of studio and seminar courses that emphasize creative growth and development of a visual vocabulary. Other courses engage the student in theoretical, psychological and aesthetic exploration of artistic expression.

Core courses include*:

  • History of Art: Renaissance to 1900
  • History of Art: 1900 to Present
  • Photographic Theory
  • The Psychology of Images
  • Methods in Imaging Education
  • History of Photography
  • Optics in Fine Arts
  • Interdisciplinary Aspects of Communication
  • Contemporary Criticism
  • Contemporary Imaging Systems
  • Entrepreneurial Skills for Fine Artists

* Course offerings are subject to change.

In addition to core courses, the MFA in Photography curriculum at Brooks Institute includes a selection of focused, relevant elective courses. Among these elective course options are*:

  • Teaching Internships: Students work with a teacher/mentor to gain classroom and educational experience.
  • Grant Writing: Research and develop proposals for grants, residencies and fellowships.
  • Self-proposed internships and special topics.

* Full elective listings are available in the course catalog. Course offerings are subject to change.

The MFA in Photography from Brooks Institute provides a comprehensive program of study designed to develop exceptional artists who seek to deepen their understanding and awareness of visual communication. Graduating students should be equipped to:

  • Create a cohesive body of original work integrating a mastery of materials, methods, and concepts.
  • Articulate an informed perspective that includes defining an aesthetic approach, reviewing methods and processes, and providing a broader cultural context in which to understand a body of work.
  • Synthesize knowledge obtained through various research activities exhibiting a standard of academic integrity and a graduate level of critical analysis.
  • Engage in creative collaboration as an effective member of a team.
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