Liberal Arts at Brooks

At Brooks Institute, we are committed to producing globally aware, intellectually adept and technically skilled graduates who are not only masters of their respective crafts but also well-rounded professionals prepared for the rigors of today’s evolving marketplace.

The Liberal Arts faculty includes a diverse cadre of adjunct faculty. Each of these faculty is well-versed in higher education, with specific skills in teaching college students who are pursuing careers in the visual arts. The Liberal Arts faculty provide a breadth of training that can prepare our graduates with critical writing skills, analytical skills and communication skills, positioning Brooks graduates to be successful.

Every degree program at Brooks Institute integrates a foundation of liberal arts studies designed to promote collaboration, communication and creativity through a multi-disciplinary approach that teaches courses in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Students can build essential reasoning and critical-thinking skills that enable them to connect their lives as artists with the wider world.

Building a Well-Rounded Education

Our liberal arts curriculum is designed to teach students to respond effectively to a dynamic life with a historically informed and global perspective. Among the humanities, social science and science courses students may take are:

  • Creative Writing
  • Modern Literature
  • Western Civilization
  • Contemporary Multicultural Writers
  • Business & Professional Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • American Government
  • Psychology of Creativity
  • Comparative Politics
  • Global Economics

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