Visual, New Media and Communication Art Learning Resources

At Brooks Institute, you will find a supportive and collaborative community of staff, faculty, students, and alumni who share your passion and interest in the visual arts field. One of the many ways we can help you develop your knowledge, skills and talents is through the variety of learning resources we offer to support you in your studies. As a student, you have access to any of these resources as part of your tuition. We encourage you to take advantage of the support and guidance available to you during your studies at Brooks Institute.

Academic Advising

Brooks Institute advisors are available to assist you with designing a learning program that aligns with your educational goals. When you meet with an advisor, your first step is to map out the courses you’ll take. Then, your advisor will help monitor your success as you progress through your chosen degree program. Advisors are also available to help you if you’re struggling in some courses and need to develop an action plan to get back on track. We encourage you to meet with your advisor every semester to make sure you’re on the best plan to complete your degree program and reach your goals.


Meeting the demands of a rigorous degree program at Brooks Institute can be challenging, especially if you’re juggling other priorities outside of school. We offer supportive counseling to assist you with discovering new methods of dealing with personal issues while encouraging you to establish a healthy routine in self-care. Counseling services can provide you with a safe, non-judgmental, genuine and empathetic environment. We invite you to access our counseling services anytime you need additional support or guidance.


Whether you’re struggling to grasp a topic or just want an added boost to your in-class learning experience, Brooks Institute provides tutoring support in some topics at no additional cost. Tutoring is provided by staff, faculty, graduate students, and qualified current students to help you achieve your academic goals while completing your degree program.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Brooks Institute is committed to providing reasonable accommodations, including appropriate auxiliary aids and services, to qualified individuals with a disability. If you wish to access these services, contact a Brooks Institute academic advisor at least six weeks before the first day of class, or as soon as practical.

To learn more about Brooks Institute, our degree programs or how to apply for admission, please complete and submit the simple form at the bottom of this page. A Brooks Institute admissions representative will contact you shortly.