Visual, New Media, and Communication Arts Degree Programs

Legacy, reputation and a singular focus are the cornerstones of Brooks Institute’s media and art degree programs, which are designed to help prepare students for career opportunities in professional photography, fine art photography, visual journalism, graphic design, and film.

Brooks Degree Programs

Brooks Institute offers a balanced, multi-disciplinary curriculum, integrating experiential learning opportunities with concrete academic instruction. Led by a faculty of many experienced industry professionals, students engage in courses that not only stimulate their creative capabilities but challenge them to strive for excellence and achievement in their respective crafts. The degree programs are highly mentored and provide a collaborative learning environment where visual literacy, collaboration, communication and diversity are encouraged. Students within the art and media degree programs are also offered the opportunity for accessing the Brooks Institute network of internships with photographers, advertising agencies, design firms, production companies and industry talent.

Coming to Brooks Institute connects you to a community of staff, faculty, students, and alumni who are focused on providing a quality education that can feed your passion and creativity.

Get Started in a Degree Program

Select a degree program from the list below to learn more about its objectives, coursework and outcomes. If you have a question about the Photography or Film and Communication programs, just fill out the information request form. A Brooks Institute admissions representative will contact you promptly to provide the answers you need. If you’ve already identified the degree program you would like to pursue, you may apply online now.