New Student Orientation

Many students with some college under their belts believe that class really starts during the second scheduled week. Not so at Brooks Institute. Your education begins during orientation. It is critical that you are here for the full three days of orientation. Why, you might ask?

Day One

The first day begins with a “meet and greet” where you will be introduced to your new classmates. These are the students that will be there for you during your classes and projects. They will assist you, give you their critical eye and lend their support when you most need it. Choose wisely. You can only do that if you spend time with the group. You can make lifelong friends on this day that can become your network when you graduate.

For those who do not have transferable math or English credits, you will also take an assessment test for placement in math and English classes. Do your best, but know that if this is not an area of strength, you can work your way into strength through sequencing these classes by starting at a lower level and advancing as you learn. We have tutors who can assist you.

You will meet with a housing representative to complete your contract for housing. If you have found a new friend earlier in the day, you may have found a roommate!

Day Two

Check in a few minutes early and connect with those you met the previous day. On this day, you will meet the admissions representatives you have been talking with for months, hear from the president of Brooks Institute, and see a collection of student work. Remember that every one of our students once sat where you are. The work you will see came after instruction, hard work and persistence. You, too, can be there in time.

Your parents will be invited to meet in a Q&A session to talk to the senior leadership of the college. While your parents are in the Q&A, you will be learning how to use the Student Portal, which is the main communication tool on campus. You will have a class photo taken and then have lunch by the pool. Numerous local vendors as well as representatives from Student Services will be available to answer any questions you may have at this point.

Day Three

Students will meet on their primary campus, checking in and networking with the friends they have met. Again, coming a bit early gives you time to get to know each other better. Throughout the day, you can learn about potential job opportunities and internships from Career Services. The equipment check-out team will tell you everything you need to know about the “red dot” policy (red dots are not good things) and provide you the essential equipment demos to get you off to a good start. Financial aid representatives will also be available to answer your questions and assist with the completion of paperwork. Lunch will be served – another opportunity for networking – and then you will meet with your program chair and faculty. Ask your questions of these people – they’re the ones with industry experience!

Finalize your paperwork with admissions, have a quick library demo, and then it’s time to register for classes. Staff will help you schedule and balance your course load. If you have a learning disability, you will need to self-advocate and make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor. Bring any documentation, such as an IEP or testing results, and the advisors will help put your accommodations in place.

Day Four

Day four is a free day – this is a day for you to check out your neighborhood, find out how to get to campus, learn where the grocery store is and most importantly where the beach is! Get settled, and if you have an issue, call or stop by the campus and someone can help you. Say goodbye to your parents and begin your adventure with all the passion and excellence you can muster so you, too, can become a Brookie!

Please note: Orientations can run from 2-4 days depending on the total number of incoming students.