Brooks Institute Mission

Brooks Mission

Brooks Institute educates a diverse student body of aspiring professionals to pursue careers in the visual, new media, and communication arts.

Our multi-disciplinary approach promotes collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to develop graduates who are technologically adept and visually sophisticated with high standards of professional ethics.

Brooks Institute’s faculty of industry professionals and academics offer experiential learning to prepare students for a life of continuous learning in complex and changing environments.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Brooks Institute’s expectation is that all graduates meet our Institutional Student Learning Outcomes to be prepared for their careers.

In support of the Institute’s mission, Brooks Institute’s goals and learning outcomes are:

Visual Literacy: Graduates are visually sophisticated.

Adept: Graduates are career-ready as demonstrated by their ability to apply their body of knowledge using relevant tools and diverse skills.

Ethics: Graduates are able to identify, articulate, and apply ethical principles in their community and professional life.

Communication: Graduates are able to communicate clearly and effectively.

Problem Solver: Graduates integrate ideas, methods, practices, and theories across broad and specialized knowledge realms using critical thinking and analytical skills.

Collaboration: Graduates work collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

Global: Graduates exhibit an understanding of the interconnectedness and diversity of cultures and environments in a global society.