Scott Miles


Scott Miles

BFA Professional Photography

Scott Miles earned his BA in Industrial Photography at Brooks Institute of Photography in 1982, and he graduated from Boise State University with a MS in Education, Educational Technology in 2005. After working as an agricultural photographer providing research support for Cornell University, he began his own business in Connecticut specializing in architectural photography.

In 1992, Scott purchased a commercial photography studio in Stamford, Conn., and broadened his services to include product/advertising photography. In 1996 he partnered with a graphic designer and transitioned to digital capture in the studio. The studio offered a full range of services for the production of marketing projects.

Over the past years, his photography has consisted primarily of illustrative photography captured digitally. In the fall of 2002, Scott returned to Brooks Institute to become a full-time faculty member in the MFA and BFA programs. Scott’s master’s degree in Educational Technology was in a field that concerns the use of technology to enhance learning. Scott teaches advertising photography courses and lately has specialized in the area of scientific and industrial photography.

In addition to teaching, Scott engages in video production projects and fine art photography.