Chris Orwig


Chris Orwig

BFA Professional Photography

Chris Orwig earned a BA in Communication from the University of California Santa Barbara in 1995 and an MD (Masters of Divinity) from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2001. Chris is a celebrated photographer, author and teacher.

As a photographer, he is known for creating authentic, engaging and inspiring pictures. Chris has authored a wide range of best-selling books and online training courses on photography, Photoshop and Lightroom and is a widely popular conference speaker. Yet more than anything, Chris brings passion to all that he does. As a photographer, he subscribes to Marc Riboud’s observation that “Photography is about savoring life at 1/100th of a second.”

As a teacher, he agrees with W.B. Yeats’ idea that “Education isn’t about filing a pail, but igniting a fire.” Chris’ passion for life, photography and teaching run deep. Chris has been a full-time faculty member at Brooks Institute since 2001. For more information, visit or the links below:

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