Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: 6 Ways They Help Students

September 6, 2013 General 0 Comments

Adobe Photoshop TutorialsBefore an interview, you iron your outfit. Before posing for a family portrait, you add a haircut to your to do list. Whether you're looking at your first day of college or that intimidating final exam, it's best to be prepared. And that's also true when it comes to learning Adobe Photoshop. Luckily, you can use Adobe Photoshop tutorials to get ahead of the curve! Here's how they can help:

  1. Study at your own pace. Online tutorials can be played over and over again so you can follow along. Simply open Adobe Photoshop in one window and the tutorial in another. Pause the stream as needed while you practice along with the video.
  2. Learn it when you need it. Professors and tutors aren't available when you're studying late on a Tuesday night. Thankfully, online Adobe Photoshop tutorials are plentiful and accessible at any hour of the day or night to answer your questions.
  3. Catch up on basics. Are you feeling a little rusty working with layers or making accurate selections with the magic wand? A tutorial can help you master these basic concepts before you head into the classroom for an advanced course.
  4. See it from another point of view. Almost every task in Adobe Photoshop can be completed in multiple ways. If you don't care for the way your instructor uses quick keys, or if the sequence of steps a friend takes to achieve a specific result seems too complicated, see if a tutorial can help you find a different approach. Especially look for videos made by other college students.
  5. Discover new functions. Watching a variety of tutorials opens the door to more creative ideas. And the next shortcut you learn might just save you hours of work on a photography project!
  6. Make up a missed class. If you can't attend a class, see if your instructor records the techniques and lessons that he or she taught. Or there may be an Adobe Photoshop tutorial available that will help you fill in the gaps or complete the homework.

Tutorials are the perfect way for visual learners and creative types to grasp new concepts or to simply brush up on the basics.

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