A Modern Portfolio: Is Digital better than Print?

May 8, 2013 Photography, General 0 Comments

A Modern Portfolio: Is Digital better than Print? As you prepare to complete your degree program and enter the job market, you must put together a portfolio. A portfolio is an essential component of the interview process. It reveals your photography style, interests and experiences. Today, you can choose how you want your portfolio to be presented: digital or print?

Presentation is an essential component of any photography instillation – and, in regards to your portfolio, can reveal more about yourself to a potential employer. Either digital or print is appropriate; however you many want to consider these pros and cons before making your final choice:


A digital portfolio is an easy and inexpensive way to collect your photography into a portfolio. Especially considering the fact that many photographers use digital cameras today, the transition from the camera to an online gallery could be seamless.

A digital portfolio, featured on a personal website, could also act as an avenue for viewers to browse larger galleries of your work – photographs they might enjoy, but that were excluded from the portfolio as you focused in on a theme or style.

Here is a quick list of the pros and cons:


  • Convenient for employers, who can access your portfolio immediately
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Inexpensive


  • Less convenient for customers
  • Non-traditional


Because print portfolios are more traditional than digital portfolios, they often have a greater impact with potential employers. Agencies often ask their photographers to give them at least one printed copy of their portfolio – these copies are kept in book bins, where customers can view them to compare photographers and choose who they would like to work with. If you prefer to have a digital portfolio, professional photographers recommend having at least one printed copy for this purpose.

A printed portfolio also offers a physical collection – which tends to appear more holistic and unified than an online gallery. The portfolio is your brand. And the process of bringing those photographs together can be a defining moment for a photographer. Simon Bray explains, “the process and final product of a beautifully printed out paper portfolio outweighs the option of viewing photos on a screen.”


  • Convenient for customers at an agency
  • More personal
  • More professional


  • Can be expensive
  • Cannot be changed or updated without reprinting


What do you think?