Brooks Pro Tip: How to Take the Best Surfing Photos

December 10, 2012 Rich Fuller General, Photography, Brooks Pro Tips 0 Comments

With Brooks Institute being located so close to some of the best surfing in California and me being the instructor of our Action Sports Photography class, I am often asked how to get the best surfing images.

Here are a few key tips to follow:

  • Start with interesting light. The best peak action is just not very exciting in overcast or poorly backlit conditions.
  • You will want a to be shooting a 400 to 600mm lens on a solid tripod with a good head or gimble mount if you want to capture the best action from the beach.
  • Practice your timing for the peak moment. Learn to anticipate it. For more creative photos, play with motion blurs in low light.
  • Try to work with individual surfers. Collaborating with the people you are shooting usually results in better images than just showing up at a break a grabbing anything you can. Get to know the surfers in the area(s) you want to shoot.

- Rich Fuller, instructor, Action Sports Photography class at Brooks Institute

Action Sports Photography is an elective in the Professional Photography program at Brooks. Questions for Rich? Reach him at


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