Professional Photographers: What Do They Do?

April 5, 2013 Photography 1 Comments

The role of a professional photographer is varied and expansive. From scientific photographers to fine art photographers to photojournalists, there are many avenues of employment as a professional photographer.

Regardless of what field one works in, a professional photographer must have technical expertise, creativity and the appropriate professional equipment. In addition to the camera, a photographer can use:

  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Tripods
  • Flash attachments
  • Lighting equipment

Digital photographers who edit their own material have to be proficient in computer editing software, and those using film must be able to use a darkroom if self-developing.

While the specific role of a professional photography can greatly vary, below are some of the more common job responsibilities of someone in the field:

Portrait Photographers

Portrait photographers photograph individuals or groups of people and are often self-employed at their own studio. They often specialize in groups such as schools and weddings.

Commercial/Industrial Photographers

Commercial photographers capture buildings, models, landscapes, machinery, etc., and are often utilized for the analysis of equipment, record keeping, publicity, and other such ventures.

Scientific Photographers

Scientific photographers mostly use photography to capture and record scientific or medical information and experiments.


Photojournalists often work for newspapers and magazines and capture pictures to coincide with articles.

Fine Art Photographers

Fine art photographers usually sell their pictures as artwork. These photographers must have a lot of creativity and are often self-employed.

Photographers often work irregular hours and spend a majority of their time editing and developing pictures and finding clients or subject work. Work for photographers varies; they may work contractually for a company, run their own studio with clients, or publish electronic portfolios to the Internet.


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All i just no and understand is that WE ARE ALL CREATED WITH CREATIVITY and same creativity is already deposit in us. Photography is a self interest. I realy like it more than food.

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