Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program provides an intensive learning experience that challenges students to enhance their unique creative abilities while developing critical design analysis skills based on visual design fundamentals. Students engage in hands-on, project-based learning meant to foster an understanding of problem solving and targeted messaging for a broad range of emerging technology and media applications. Projects are specifically designed to reflect real-world scenarios and build on the student’s level of knowledge while providing an understanding of professional expectations.

Students are given an Apple laptop computer and relevant software for their use as long as they maintain their full-time enrollment in the Graphic Design program. Upon graduation in the Graphic Design program, the computer will be given to the student at no cost.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design teaches traditional design principles and practices combined with emerging technology to enable students to develop creative solutions for a broad range of media applications. Working with instructors, many who are accomplished professionals, students are exposed to a variety of learning opportunities that reflect real-world experiences, including class projects and professional internships. The 120-credit degree program combines 63 credits of core coursework with 12 credits of business courses and 45 credits in general education studies.

Brooks Institute’s BFA in Graphic Design exposes students to a range of courses to develop both the technical skills and creative problem-solving methodologies required for the industry. Students can develop a strong commitment to creativity, professionalism, ethics and enterprise through an exploration of core design courses as well as cross-platform curricula, including photography, visual journalism, film and video.

Core courses include*:

  • Visual Design
  • Drawing for Designers
  • Web Design 1
  • Design and Illustration 1
  • Fundamentals of Typography
  • Advertising Design
  • Typography and Publication Design
  • Brand & Identity Design
  • Photography and Video for Designers
  • Packaging and 3D Design 1
  • Design for New Media

* Course offerings are subject to change.

The Graphic Design program at Brooks Institute allows students to select from a broad variety of focused, relevant elective courses covering their specific areas of interest. Students may choose from electives within the Graphic Design program as well as courses within the Professional Photography, Visual Journalism and Film programs.

Among these elective course options are*:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Computer Graphic Interface (HDRI/CGI) Methods
  • Advanced Publication Design
  • Advanced Web Design
  • Professional Internships

* Full elective listings are available in the course catalog. Course offerings are subject to change.

Brooks Institute’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program is a rigorous study of the technical and creative aspects of traditional and emerging media design. The goal of the program is to develop well-rounded students with globally aware perspectives who demonstrate a strong understanding of individual course goals while demonstrating tangible, measurable outcomes.

Graduating students should be equipped to:

  • Explore, identify, research and analyze a variety of diverse communication problems.
  • Understand fundamental design elements, principles and theories to complete an effective outcome.
  • Use critical thinking to achieve creative typography and communication.
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency.
  • Problem-solve and create complex web projects that include a variety of technologies and imaging solutions.
  • Communicate both verbally and in writing to present creative and effective business communication.
  • Demonstrate skills for collaboration with both colleagues and clients.
  • Demonstrate Ethics and Integrity.
  • Exhibit time and financial management skills to meet project parameters.
By Oneil Mabile

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