Juergen Gottschalk

Email: JGottschalk@brooks.edu Juergen Gottschalk

BFA Film

Jürgen Gottschalk earned his BA in Film and Video Production Photography from Brooks Institute in 1999 and an MS in Photography from Brooks Institute in 2004. Jürgen has worked as cinematographer, editor, and motion graphics designer. Focusing on documentaries and a series of fiction “webisodes,” he continues to pursue all aspects of media production.

Jürgen has taught in the Film program at Brooks Institute since 2000 and in the Visual Journalism program since 2009. For the academic year 2007/2008, Jürgen taught video production at the University of Brighton’s Media Studies BA program and was hired as course leader for the BFA in Film Production and Technology program at Birmingham City University’s Technology Innovation Centre in the UK. Jürgen continues to pursue the beauty of light, new camera systems, and post-production workflows, especially related to contemporary distribution formats.