Glynn Beard

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BFA Film

Glynn Beard earned a BA in Photography from Brooks Institute 1987 and received his MS in Photography from Brooks in 2000. He is currently a full-time faculty member and has been teaching at Brooks since 1994 as well as continuing to freelance as a filmmaker for both commercial and personal projects.

Glynn is an independent filmmaker who wrote, produced and directed the feature films “Murdered” and “The Crier.” “Murdered” premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 1993 and was screened at the Angelika Film Theatre in New York for the Independent Feature Film Market in 1994. “The Crier,” which also premiered at the SBIFF in 1994, is currently in distribution with EI Cinema in New York for U.S. domestic video distribution and has been sold to overseas cable markets.

Beard has worked both in front of and behind the camera on many film projects over the years, including creating video design wall installations for “Slightly Askew Players” at the Center Stage Theatre in the late 1990s with original plays such as “Poles Apart,” “Cave of my Heart,” and “Sam Shepard Monologues.”

In addition to producing and directing his own feature films and short personal films, he has freelanced on various film and video projects, specializing as an editor on projects for outside clients. Beard recently completed his award-winning “Ocean of Storms” short film series, a 10-year personal journey as a film artist, with each film dedicated to his son. Beard is currently working on a 10-year retrospective DVD/BluRay collection of his work, including the “Ocean of Storms” films with many extras, “making of” and films from the many filmmakers who have collaborated with Beard in the “Storms” films over the years.